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MBA Honey Show

The MBA Honey Show will take place at Birnie on Saturday 18th October from 10:00am. The full show schedule and recipes for the baking classes are now available by following the links and also on the Documents page.

Sugar donation project

Our annual appeal for donations of sugar is now underway in a number of local supermarkets. At the moment Tesco in Buckie, Forres and Keith all have donation boxes displayed in the store. The sugar collected will be used to prepare syrup to give the colonies at Birnie their autumn feed. Please encourage friends and …

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The Auricle – August

The latest issue of our newsletter, The Auricle, is now available on the downloads page. It contains information about  the queen rearing course, extracting honey and much more.

Hive Alive on TV

Look out for the first episode of this new two part series at 8:00pm on BBC Two on Tuesday the 15th July. It promises to give an insight into the remarkable secrets of the lives of bees through the use of a specially rigged up observation hive and the latest camera technology. The trailer looks …

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The Auricle – July

The latest issue of our newsletter, The Auricle, is now available on the downloads page. It contains information about apiary tasks for July, swarming, introducing a new queen and much more.

Busy Bee

Busy bee

The recent good weather and warm temperatures have certainly encouraged to bees to be actively foraging. Here is one of my girls busily working in the sunshine this afternoon.

More improvements at Birnie

Latest photos of Birnie Apiary following the most recent work party, sent in by Bob Malcolm.

how many queens in a hive?

Last summer I found myself on the way to a house at Moss of Barmuckity where I was reliably informed there was an abandoned hive in the garden, still occupied by bees. Upon arrival I spoke to the owner, Jimmy, who told me his father had been an avid beekeeper but had now moved into …

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Queen Rearing – the Cook method part 4

Last Wednesday we carried out the last stage of the process – dividing the sealed queen cells up amongst mating nucs. We didn’t get as many pictures this time as everything got a bit hectic whilst we were filling the nucs and all hands were needed. First we got all the mininucs ready for filling …

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Queen rearing – the Cook method part 3

Today and yesterday saw the critical parts of our queen rearing procedure taking place.  Or to my mind the scariest parts.   For the morning session we had myself, Tony, John, Dianna and Ian in attendance. The plan was to rearrange the colony to make the bottom brood box (full of young bees after last week’s …

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