MBA Honey Show 2019

It’s Honey Show time again on Saturday, 19th October 2019. All members are asked to participate and entries are wanted for everything from honey through booze, beeswax and baking to stunning photographs! Entries are accepted from 9:30am to 10:30am and judging commences at 11:00am that day. Please find the schedule including recipes here.


The Healthy ‘BEES’  (Bee Education in Scotland) Project Courses 2020

Heavily subsidised by the Scottish Rural Development Programme, Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund, these courses are aimed at beekeepers of all levels who wish to improve and will be held in various locations in Scotland.  Ifyou have a desire to learn you will be very welcome!  The overall aim of the project is to improve honey bee husbandry, beekeeping skills and honey bee health which will secure a sustainable and healthy population of Scottish honey bees.

Led by tutors qualified to a minimum of Scottish Expert Beemaster and limited to small groups they offer high quality training at an affordable cost. The training will cost students £60,00 (plus an online booking fee) per 2 day course and includes teas, coffees, lunch, handouts and use of consumables where applicable.

The ‘Healthy BEES’ courses for 2020 – please find course descriptions and the booking form to these courses on the ‘Courses‘ page:

  • Bee Farming – The Move from Hobbyist to Bee Farmer – November 23/24 2019
  • IPM/Adult Bee Diseases (Scotlandwell) – March 14/15
  • Swarm Control (Fort William) – April 11/12 SORRY SOLD OUT
  • Queen Rearing and Nucleus Creation (Elgin) – May 30/31
  • Advanced Colony Manipulations (Newbattle) – June 13/14
  • Intermediate Handling (Aberdeen)) – July 11/12 SORRY SOLD OUT
  • Honey Bees, Plants and Balanced Nutrition (Dumfries) – August 15/16
  • Honey Bee Behaviour (Perth) – September 19/20


SCIA draft constitution closed for consultation and in process for application

MBA members find the draft document in our ‘Constitution‘ section.

The MBA is also available on Facebook, please check it out here.

Join Moray Beekeepers Association!

Moray Beekeepers Association was established in 1919. We are a growing number of mostly amateur beekeepers located in North East Scotland, with the association being based in Moray.

MBA exists to promote and foster an interest in the study, development and practice of beekeeping and to protect and conserve the future of the honeybee in Moray and Scotland.

Please join us and help to preserve and protect the honeybee!!

The cost to join us is very modest and the benefits are substantial! Further details can be found here

Honeybee Conservation Pack

“Honeybees are truly the gardener’s friend and are not the killer beast depicted in the cinema. If not for them
and the other species of bees, plant life would be reduced to mainly wind-pollinated grasses and trees, as
bees pollinate most of the flowering plants. Their value to food production is priceless as they pollinate many
of the crops grown worldwide…”
Interested in how you can help bees? We’ve produced a new, updated conservation pack to download.

For Association members only – Throughout the summer we carry out our seasonal management tasks on the colonies at Birnie. You are most welcome to come along and help out. Please get involved, your beekeeping association needs you!
Contact the secretary to get the detailed dates and times for these sessions.