Our Association Apiary is situated on farmland near Elgin we currently have eight hives of bees in national hives. The bees, hives and everything needed to set up the apiary has been donated by members or local businesses, to whom we are grateful including Tarmac, who have allowed us to locate the apiary on their land.
The Apiary was set up in 2010 with a vision – to have an apiary stocked with local healthy bees. This is used to carry out a Queen rearing programme to enable us to provide members with Queens and nuclei of bees at a much reduced cost.

It is also used it as a ‘Training Apiary’ where members of all levels of experience can learn and improve their beekeeping skills even if they dont have bees of their own.
Future plans are to devolop it further into a ‘Community Apiary’ so that local groups can come and learn about the honeybee and how to help conserve the species, by attracting them into their gardens.
All honey produced from the apiary will be sold at local outlets, with profits going back into funding the apiary.

We have two types of apiary session:-
1. Familiarisation and monthly meetings
Monthly throughout the year
Open to all, non-members by arrangement, please contact us

2.Apiary inspection visits
Sundays from 12.00 to 14.00 during the summer season (April to September)
Members only

Check our Events page for more details of both visits.
Activities will vary subject to prevailing weather and the time of the season but these sessions are an ideal opportunity for the beginners to gain experience of bees and beekeeping equipment.
Hives will only be opened under the supervision of the nominated Duty Beekeeper, and in accordance with the timetable of Inspections and Courses, unless the Apiary Manager considers additional work necessary. For further information contact the Apiary Manager Tony Harris via the Contact page
Details of all of our 2011 sessions at the Association Apiary can be found here

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