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Busy Bee

Busy bee

The recent good weather and warm temperatures have certainly encouraged to bees to be actively foraging. Here is one of my girls busily working in the sunshine this afternoon.

Queen Rearing – the Cook method part 4

Last Wednesday we carried out the last stage of the process – dividing the sealed queen cells up amongst mating nucs. We didn’t get as many pictures this time as everything got a bit hectic whilst we were filling the nucs and all hands were needed. First we got all the mininucs ready for filling …

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Queen Rearing – The Cook Method

We’ve been planning to embark on a queen rearing programme here at MBA for some time now and this weekend, at last, we’re going to start in earnest! The method we are going to use is good for small scale queen rearing but can be adapted for greater numbers. It’s called the Cook Method and …

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My bee-loud glade

Today was such a beautiful day I just had to pop over to my apiary (minus beesuit as they’re a gentle bunch!) to take a few pics of what the girls were up to.  Plenty of action in and out of the entrance and pollen of various shades from orange to pale cream.  The first …

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