Blossombank in July

Contributing author: Viv  Hill

After days of looking at a distinctly unoptimistic weather forecast you will not need to use your imagination to know how happy we were when the day dawned bright and sunny and, more to the point ,stayed that way.  Graham and Viv Hill were pleased to welcome the 40 or more members that turned up and, having worried about the parking facilities, drew a huge sigh of relief that there was no problem at all.

The hives were opened by Andrew Tassell and Tony Harris who was ably assisted by Stephen Palmer. Tony was able to demonstrate the practice of ‘Artificial Swarming’ using a nucleus hive and Andrew went into a further two hives where, in the first, he found Queen cells but no apparent Queen and so one open Queen cell was left. In the other he both found and marked the Queen. As Andrew was working with many of our newer members who have yet to have a hive of their own, and some who have, this proved to be very instructional and those with Andrew were pleased that they had the opportunity to see some very interesting hive work. Those with Tony had his expert instruction on swarm management and that too was felt to be most useful.

Graham moved between the two groups assisting as and when and Viv was the ‘Tea Lady’, and quite frankly couldn’t have been more pleased as the temperature was soaring and shade was undoubtedly the best place to be!! Two of the younger members had to be ‘rescued’ as they were far too hot in their bee suits.

The raffle was a success with many and differing prizes. I must add another word of thanks to William Hill, Graham’s son at whose home the apiary is situated. A good time was had by all and ‘the tea lady’ served out tea for well over an hour.

Needless to say all of the biscuits and cakes disappeared.