Our successful sugar collection

Contributing author:  Viv Hill

I am happy to write in glowing terms of the success of our three week sugar collection project.

Initially I wrote to all the local Supermarkets and was disappointed that only the three local Tesco Stores responded. Therefore plans were made with them.

Graham and I made some cardboard collection boxes and I had the two information placards laminated, attaching one of each to the boxes plus a plastic envelope containing our M.B.A. handouts with an invitation that folk should take one. I have to say that the staff at both of the Tesco Stores were most helpful.   The boxes were put in place on Monday, 18th July. Thereafter we went to Forres every Monday to empty the box and similarly collected the Elgin sugar packets each time we were in the store.  The M.B.A. handouts were very popular and frequently needed replenishing.

To our surprise and pleasure we were contacted by the Asda Supermarket in Elgin who, having become aware of our project, was also keen to help us. Another box was found and placed in the store and so now we are also collecting from Asda in Elgin. Their collection point is only available on Friday to Sunday but their Charity P.A. is happy to liaise with me and she puts the box out and away at the weekends. The Asda ‘lady’ is very interested in our project and I am hopeful that we can make further plans.

To date we have collected the grand total of 110 Kgs. of sugar with more to come. I have not included the amount which has been donated at Buckie Tesco Store as Tony Harris is dealing with it.

Andrew Tassell has recently placed a donation box at Tesco Store in Keith and so with those two also ‘on board’ I am sure that we will reach the projected goal of 200Kgs.  Many thanks and a big ‘Well done’ to the Moray public for being so generous. I hope that we will be able to have a similar collection next year.

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    • viv on 23 August, 2011 at 9:13 am

    In total over 200 Kgs. of sugar have been collected and letters of thanks sent to the relevent stores. The MBA is most grateful and hope to hold a similar campaign next year.

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