Moray Beekeepers Honey Show 2013

After an absence of two years the MBA Honey Show was resurrected for 2013 and took place on Saturday 26th October at our Training Apiary, Birnie.

There was much trepidation on behalf of the Committee as, despite the excellent summer and decent honey harvest, there was no guarantee of exhibitors.

Any concerns were however allayed as the exhibitors started arriving and in total there were 14 of them, which is quite a healthy number (at the last Show held in Forres in 2010 there were only about 6 exhibitors).

Tony Harris has qualified as a Honey Judge this year and the Committee decided to invite him to judge the Show and to use the exercise as an educational tool to help the newer exhibitors.

Assisted by stewards, Anne Black and Donna Clark, the judging began and Tony explained to the audience what he was looking for in each class and gave some useful tips as he examined each exhibit.

Tony commented, ‘After stewarding at the Royal Highland Show, the Scottish National Honey Show and judging the Aberdeen Beekeepers Honey Show recently, I must say that the standard of exhibits in the Show, particularly the honey exhibits, was excellent!’


As well as the honey section there were a good number of exhibits in the baking section of the show and the quality was again good, making it difficult for the judge to choose the best exhibits.

IMG_1550 IMG_1552


But choose he did and the results are shown below;

Class 1: One jar (454g/1lb) of light honey

1st T. Balch                2nd J. Baillie               3rd R. Clark


Class 2: One jar (454g/1lb) of medium honey

1st J. Baillie                2nd J. Grant                3rd A. Tassell


Class 3: One jar (454g/1lb) of dark honey

1st T. Balch                 2nd J. Grant


Class 4: One jar (454g/1lb) of set honey

1st J. Baillie                2nd D. Clark                3rd T. Balch

IMG_1582 IMG_1581

Class 5: One jar (454g/1lb) of heather honey

No entries


Class 6: One section of honey

No entries


Class 7: One piece of cut comb honey

1st A. Tassell               2nd A. Ritchie


Class 8: One frame of honey for extraction

1st T. Balch                2nd R. Lettey                3rd A. Tassell


Class 9: One piece of wax 227 gm/8 oz min

1st G. Ritchie             2nd J. Baillie


Class 10: Novelty wax 3 different mouldings, includes candles

1st J. Baillie                2nd A. Ritchie               3rd A. Black


IMG_1577 IMG_1578

John Baillie won the “Best Exhibit in Show” for his wax mouldings, pictured on the far left.


Class 11: 1 bottle of clear mead, addition of fruit is acceptable

1st G. Ritchie


Novice Class 12: One jar (454g/1lb) of honey, any colour or type

1st A. Ritchie                2nd R. Clark               3rd D. Baillie


Novice Class 13: One piece of cut comb 227g/8ozs approximately

No entries


Class 14: 4 honey buns

1st A. Black                2nd I. MacAndie            3rd M. Collins


Class 15: Honey carrot cake

1st D. Baillie               2nd S. Hermiston


Class 16: 4 rounds of honey shortbread

1st D. Baillie              2nd D. Clark                3rd S. Hermiston


Class 17: 6 small squares of honey tablet

1st D. Baillie               2nd R. Clark               3rd S. Hermiston


Class 18: One colour photograph with a beekeeping theme (no larger than A4 size)

1st D. Baillie               2nd J. Baillie               3rd A. Ritchie


The overall winner was John Baillie, who is pictured receiving the Steele Cup and a bottle of whisky from judge Tony Harris.


Congratulations to everyone who exhibited or helped out as the Show was a huge success and the planning of next year’s Honey Show has already started.