There are over 250 species of bees native to Britain, and they all play an essential role in your garden by pollinating flowers, fruit and vegetable crops. However there has been a decrease in bee populations due to many factors including, loss of habitat, increased pesticide use and disease. Over 25% of native bees have been listed as endangered. They fall into two types of bee, eusocial and solitary.


Social bees

Social Bees Social bees live in communities consisting of mother (queen) and daughters (workers). These are types of social bees:- Honey Bees Honeybees are truly the gardener’s friend and are not the killer beast depicted in the cinema. If not for them and the other species of bees, plant life would be reduced to mainly …

Solitary bees

Leafcutter bees Leafcutter bees do what their name suggests in that they cut holes and semi-circles out of leaves, to line their nest. The nest is in the ground, under stones, in cavities in wood and stone, pithy plant stems, and in dead wood. The egg is laid in a cell under the ground, in …