Special Offer for Members
We have a limited supply of 1lb honey jars with screw on lids available for sale to members at a reduced price of £20 for a box of 57 jars.
If you are interested then speak to Andy Watson at the next monthly meeting on the 27th April at Birnie.

Moray Beekeepers Association was established in 1919. We are a growing number of mostly amateur beekeepers located in North East Scotland, with the association being based in Moray.

MBA exists to promote and foster an interest in the study, development and practice of beekeeping and to protect and conserve the future of the honeybee in Moray and Scotland.


“Honeybees are truly the gardener’s friend and are not the killer beast depicted in the cinema. If not for them
and the other species of bees, plant life would be reduced to mainly wind-pollinated grasses and trees, as
bees pollinate most of the flowering plants. Their value to food production is priceless as they pollinate many
of the crops grown worldwide…”
Interested in how you can help bees? We’ve produced a new, updated conservation pack to download.


For Association members only – Every second Saturday or Sunday throughout the summer we carry out our seasonal management tasks on the colonies at Birnie. You are most welcome to come along and help out. Please get involved. Your beekeeping association needs you!



Please join us and help to preserve and protect the honeybee!!


The cost to join us is very modest and the benefits are substantial! Further details can be found here

An Introduction to Beekeeping Course will be held on Sat 10th May

Busy bee

Busy Bee

The recent good weather and warm temperatures have certainly encouraged to bees to be actively foraging. Here is one of my girls busily working in the sunshine this afternoon.

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SBA Wax Workshop

A one day course on candle making, wax moulding¬†and foundation moulding/wiring will be held at E.H.Thorne (Beehives) Ltd at Newburgh (KY14 6HA) on Saturday 1st March 2014 from 10-00 am to 4-00pm. (Note change of date from original SBA calendar). Course tutors will be: Enid Brown, Ian Craig, David & Bron Wright & Phil & …

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