MBA Winter Talks 2017/18

Please come along to our MBA Winter Talks, we have been planning 3 talks this winter season, on the last Tuesday on November 2017, January and March 2018. The meetings are held in Elgin Town Hall starting at 7pm, Tee/Coffee, cake and cookies are available after the talk, and including a raffle. Entry fee is £2 for members (don’t forget your membership card) and £3 for non-members.

On 28 November Katy Malone, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust conservation officer for Scotland, is talking about bumblebee conservation.

On 30 January Ann-Marie and Stuart Thomson form the Highland Wax Company talking about the development of their business in a niche market and about their products made from locally sourced beeswax. The products range from massage waxes, lip balms, skin balms to body scrubs and candles. These will be also available to sample and purchase.

On 27 March Tony Harris, NDB, is sharing his secrets and experience of a professional bee farmer and talking about ‘Maximising your honey crop’!

Please check our calendar for more details and more future events.


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Moray Beekeepers Association was established in 1919. We are a growing number of mostly amateur beekeepers located in North East Scotland, with the association being based in Moray.

MBA exists to promote and foster an interest in the study, development and practice of beekeeping and to protect and conserve the future of the honeybee in Moray and Scotland.

Please join us and help to preserve and protect the honeybee!!

The cost to join us is very modest and the benefits are substantial! Further details can be found here


“Honeybees are truly the gardener’s friend and are not the killer beast depicted in the cinema. If not for them
and the other species of bees, plant life would be reduced to mainly wind-pollinated grasses and trees, as
bees pollinate most of the flowering plants. Their value to food production is priceless as they pollinate many
of the crops grown worldwide…”
Interested in how you can help bees? We’ve produced a new, updated conservation pack to download.


For Association members only – Throughout the summer we carry out our seasonal management tasks on the colonies at Birnie. You are most welcome to come along and help out. Please get involved, your beekeeping association needs you!
Contact the secretary to get the detailed dates and times for these sessions.


Past News

MBA Honey Show 2017

It’s Honey Show time again on 21st October 2017. All members are asked to participate and entries are wanted for everything from honey through booze, beeswax and baking to stunning photographs! Entries are accepted from 10am to 12am and judging commences at 1pm that day. Please find the schedule including recipes here.


Scottish Beekeepers Association Tour 2017

This years talks to local beekeepers take place between 3rd and 11th October hosted by the regional beekeeper associations. Details of the talks with titles, dates and times, and location are found in our calendar.

The talk hosted by the MBA in Elgin takes place on Monday 9th October at 7pm in the Elgin Town Hall, speaker is Margaret Thomas MCSP NDB is giving a talk about ‘What motivates the bee to act as it does‘.

Profile of this years speakers:

Margaret Thomas MCSP NDB:
is an esteemed beekeeper achieving first BBKA Master Beekeeper, and then NDB certification in 1982. Margaret, from Essex, learnt her beekeeping under the tutelage of Ted Hooper in the 1970s. At Ted’s retirement, she joined the group of some 12 beekeepers led by Clive deBruyn discussing varying topics culminating in a two week stay with queen rearer John Keefus in Toulouse in France. The group spent the time grafting (with matchsticks), making fondant, filling mini nucs, putting them out for mating and placing mated queens in travel cages ready for the post. During her 39 years in Essex Margaret was an active member of the Essex Beekeepers and served on the CEC as Southend Delegate, Disease, and Examinations Delegate, and managed the Essex Honey (Barleylands) Show for a couple of years. She was awarded Life Membership of the Essex Beekeepers in 2010. Husband of 50 years, Dick, was Chairman of the CEC for some time.

Margaret’s experience includes being a retired Moderator of the BBKA Examinations Board, and tutoring for the BBKA Correspondence Course.  As a Bee Farmer, she served on the committee of the organisation that represents commercial beekeepers in UK as Magazine, Minutes and Pollination secretary, the latter managing the placement of around 1000 hives in Kent on top fruit, and some hives on borage and oil seed rape north of the Thames. Margaret has lectured across England and Scotland and has been guest lecturer several times at the week’s course at Gormanston just north of Dublin, and Greenmount near Belfast.

Ted Hooper asked Margaret to update the disease section of his book Guide to Bees and Honey, and the Beginners Bee Book with the collaboration of Clive deBruyn. Both are a must on all beekeepers’ bookshelf.

Now retired with husband Dick in Scotland, Margaret is a Trustee of the Scottish Beekeepers Association, where her brief is all subjects related to hive products. Beekeeping as an amateur managing a mere 4 colonies in the fickle climate of Scotland is a new challenge for Margaret, who continues to teach beekeeping.

Tony Harris NDB:

Tony Harris, NDB, is a bee farmer based on the Moray coast in Scotland, UK, where he manages 150 hives for honey production and the sale of queens and nuclei.  Tony is a Scottish Expert Beemaster and he holds the National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) qualification. He teaches beekeeping at all levels and gives presentations and lectures to community and beekeeping groups on all matters relating to bees, beekeeping and the environment. He is a previous secretary of the Scottish Beekeepers Association (SBA), a qualified Scottish Honey Judge, a British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) Correspondence Course tutor and a regular contributor to beekeeping publications in the UK and abroad.



Moray Beekeepers were running 3 one day ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ courses in 2017, the dates being Sunday 7th May, Sunday 4th June and Sunday 2nd July. The course took place at our training apiary near Elgin and runs from 10am till 4pm.

We spend the morning in the classroom looking at the life history of the honeybee and go over all that is required to get you started as a beekeeper. After lunch we will give you a bee suit and gloves and show you the fascinating world inside a hive of bees. We end the day tasting some of our fabulous local honey. We ask for a donation of £40 for the course and this includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day, course hand outs and use of the protective clothing.

Numbers are restricted to just 12 on each course so book early if you are interested.












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MBA Honey Show

The MBA Honey Show will take place at Birnie on Saturday 18th October from 10:00am. The full show schedule and recipes for the baking classes are now available by following the links and also on the Documents page.

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